So... not sure exactly why I live in this ridiculous state of North Dakota. I can tell myself that we're better off than California much of the time but who's to say?

We went from 7 foot high drifts everywhere a couple weeks ago, to 50's and mud flats the past few days, to a winter wonderland again today. They're predicting the worst flood in history around the end of the week and we got let out of work yesterday afternoon to fill sandbags. I can only hope I didn't suck so bad at the job as to actually make things worse :P. I think we filled a lot of them too full and a lot of the sand provided for us was really wet so today they will be transformed into big round blocks of ice, not exactly helpful for making a dike I guess.

Our house is more than a half a mile from the river... doesn't sound like so much but it is a tiny river most days and there's hundreds of homes just in my neighborhood alone that would appear to be in the path of the water before we would. My mom keeps telling me we are perfectly safe but Darrell's relatives keep calling up and freaking us out about how we're all going to drown.

Oh, speaking of drowning, I've had this Monkees song in my head for days whenever I think of drowning or washing down the river :P. The link probably won't work since I don't know what I'm doing but anyone so inclined (read, no one) can go here and scroll down to the Monkees song and click to listen, but it won't start for 25 seconds. It's all jazzy and maybe not what you'd expect of The Monkees or of someone like me who usually listens to twee pop.

In other news, continuing in our tradition of watching dorky TV, we just got disk one of season one of Beverly Hills 90210 on Netflix and I have to say the first episode was entertaining enough. Darrell and Darrin watched the show when it came out but I never saw it before, to my knowledge. Anyway... glad I can hang out with someone who's not too cool to enjoy that kind of thing. :)

Four Replies to Flood

Amy Austin | March 25, 2009
Flood? That sucks.

Monkees... can't play it.

Not too cool for dork TV... word.

Denise Sawicki | March 25, 2009
Not sure why you were able to reply to the blank one entitled "Weather". When I look at XQC that post doesn't exist.

Jackie Mason | March 26, 2009
[hidden by author request]

Denise Sawicki | March 26, 2009
Hi Jackie

Thanks for your kind words. Sorry to hear you haven't been feeling so well. I can definitely relate. I'm always feeling bad when I have no "right" to be. Even if we lose the house we'll still be "lucky" because we have savings. It's hard to see it that way though.

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