I'm too tired to come up with a more clever title. New carpet installed. New bathtub and shower installed. Painters hired. Landscaping complete. Realtor on the hunt for possibilities. Mortgage preapproval done. All of this completed while we're packing the clutter we want to keep and moving it to storage so the house is more presentable to prospective buyers. And I'm stil working overtime every week.

This is me.

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In two months I'll be celebrating by snoring in my barcalounger in my new den while the kids are running around unsupervised, probably setting something on fire. They've been great about the prospective move despite all of the childhood fears involved with leaving past friends behind and attending a new school, etc. It's actually lkely that we'll be in the same school district so none of that should happen. But man, I need a vacation.

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Scott Hardie | April 19, 2011
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It's too late now but I should have taken and posted a picture of my quaint (translation: small) front yard. Brenda and I (translation: Brenda) decided that in order to sell our house at a more attractive price, it should look more attractive to potential buyers. Makes sense, I guess. Go »

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Back to School Night

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