Small sampling of early costume parties. I don't remember vampires draping themselves in roadkill but what do I know. And Diddy looks like he's holding the head of Elvis.

Four Replies to Halloween Post #6: Celebrities In Costume

Jackie Mason | October 20, 2007
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Steve West | October 20, 2007

Lori Lancaster | October 21, 2007
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Amy Austin | October 21, 2007
Ditto, Jackie -- One Hundred Percent what I was thinking, too!

Followed by... props to Heidi Klum for getting away from that whole I'm-a-supermodel-therefore-I *have*-to-dress-in-a-sexy-costume way of thinking... Diddy is amusing... Zac Posen gets my vote for most creative vampire (I actually quite like the roadkill touch), and Anne Hathaway is a beautiful, but not slutty overdone Cleopatra. Mariah falls into the Paris category... "typical".

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