Can we please, *please*, give these stores a break people? There's no need to get all up in arms over the fact that Walmart and Target are greeting people with, gasp!, "Happy Holidays" instead of "Merry Christmas." I know, say it isn't so. Sadly it is.

People are calling for boycotts over this. Yes, it's mostly the weirdo fundie people, but regular folks are also irritated about it. So I have to ask...why? People do realize that other holidays besides Christmas are going on this time of year, right? I mean, Hannukah , and Kwanza start up as well. I know what I'm saying right now may be shocking but...and brace yourselves for this everyone...there are other religions besides Christianity out there.

Have you all picked yourselves up from the floor yet? Is everyone okay? give yourself a few moments, it does take some time to sink in.

It's the Holiday season, with its pasts rooted deep in Pagan mythology. Some people do celebrate Christmas, yes. Some celebrate Hannukah. Some are celebrating the Winter Solistice. Some, like me, just like the pretty lights. I dare anyone out there to come up with a definitive link between Santa, Frosty, and Jesus. Can't do it, can you? Can we please just say "Happy Holidays" and everyone be pleased about it?

Five Replies to Happy Freakin' Holidays

Amy Austin | December 20, 2006
Mmm... they're all men??? (Ha, I did do it!)

Oh, yeah, and "Merry Christmas" from this white female heathen!!! ;-D

Lori Lancaster | December 20, 2006
[hidden by author request]

Aaron Shurtleff | December 22, 2006
Actually, as far as Target goes (or at least the one I work at), we haven't been told what we have to say or not say, so at least we aren't forced to say "Happy Holidays" (many people think that Target employees are told they could be fired if they say Merry Christmas...I haven't seen or been told of this).

I believe that the link between Santa, Frosty, and Jesus is that they are all characters on South Park! Do I win a prize?

I don't think most people are really bothered that much about it. I think (and I'm digging myself a hole right now) it's like the big move away from using masculine pronouns for gender indeterminate situations. I don't think that many people are really bothered if we use "he" or "him" in those situations. Can't we all just get along?

Scott Hardie | December 23, 2006
Damn, Aaron beat me to the South Park joke. :-)

The thing I don't get about the stores (not Target!) who do insist on switching to a generic "Happy Holidays" so as not to offend why they think they even need to acknowledge the holidays at all. Aren't there ten months a year when a simple "Hello" and "Goodbye" and "Take care now" are just fine greetings? Why not stick to them in December? Masking your Christmas wishes as the politically correct "Happy Holidays" is as cheap and phony as masking creationism as the term "intelligent design."

Amy Austin | December 31, 2006's like the big move away from using masculine pronouns for gender indeterminate situations. I don't think that many people are really bothered if we use "he" or "him" in those situations.

I, for one, have decided that I'm sick of the "debate" (well, the alternating of gender pronouns to make everyone happy, anyway)... and have decided that this is one instance in which I don't care to be either politically or grammatically correct or incorrect! With as many arbitrary/ungrounded neologisms/daily usages that take over our language on a regular basis, why the hell should I care about using "their" in gender indeterminate situations??? In fact -- and no anti-French jokes, please (I'm pretty sure it isn't just them, either!) -- the French language has a separate third-person pronoun that I always thought was weird ("on", which directly translates as "it" and is also used as "one" or "oneself"), but is obviously for just this reason. So, again, why the hell *shouldn't* we continue to use "them/their" as proper references?! I do, and I will continue to do so. I will call it "Freedom Pronouns".


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