Lest anyone think I am only doom and gloom (yes, I have been accused in the past... both outright and subtly), I just wanted to share an example of an average e-mail catching up with my "bestie" (*giving up on resisting the trendy vocab, despite sounding thirteen when using it*). Yes... I do think that the shittier my circumstances, the lower I'll go and the harder I'll reach for a laugh. Fuck it -- I gotta' get my exercise somehow...

Background info from previous night's phone conversation: Some time ago, it was decided to make a gift of replacing her mom's rotting front door, and it was thought that the easiest way to do this would be to buy a pre-hung/framed-out door instead of just re-installing a new door. Well, it's completely true that they just don't make things like they used to, and that frame turned out to be a super-soft patchwork piece of shit... while the door itself is now doing just fine. It's just too bad that hindsight, being what it is, couldn't have prevented the current effort of making yet another attempt at the gift of a new door -- this time, being the endeavor to recreate the perfectly good frame that was there before (as well as somehow making a surprise of it by somehow distracting mom). Hmph. Also, there was talk of trying to hit a local sushi bar for lunch, perhaps tomorrow.

Today's e-mail convo:

BF: Hey, I realized that I have a massage appointment tomorrow, so I can’t go to lunch. We could shoot for Thursday or Friday if you want!

Things did not work out well with mom’s door today, was at her house by 8:30, and had to go ahead and tell her what was going on, but he never showed and I finally got to work about 12:30. Hopefully it will end up being ok and this is not an omen. : )

Me: That totally sucks!!!

BF: About lunch or the door? ; )

Me: Lol... both, though I was talking about the door. ;-p

Me again: Yes.

BF: Hopefully both will work out in the end!

Me: Heh heh... you said, "in the end" ;-D

BF: : )

Me: I'm just glad this wasn't about your mom's *back* door. ;-p

(I'm here all week.)

(Also... can't help having the feeling that Microsoft knows my dumb/dirty jokery -- my attempts to send this keep getting thwarted!! "Windows Live Hotmail was not able to complete this request. Microsoft may contact you about any issues you report." Heh heh... they said "micro" and "soft"...)

BF: Too funny! If they could do that, couldn’t they stop the spam? ; )

Well... they sure as heck couldn't stop me from falling asleep before responding again. And yeah... that is what "she" said about Microsoft.

Meh... I don't have any problem with Jimmy Fallon trying too hard.

Two Replies to Hard Up For A Laugh...

Steve West | October 6, 2010
You said hard... I didn't see your post until a few days ago. My blog post notifications were turned off for everyone. It's fixed now.

Amy Austin | October 7, 2010
Lol... exactly.

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