So... I know I've been mostly absent... I saw Amy's comment in RB and I just want to assure her that it is not her fault I quit RB :P. It's nobody's fault. I just am not social by nature and I'm on a mission of removing all sources of anxiety from life... It's not exactly working, I'm always going to be anxious about something I guess...

Nothing's going on, nothing to talk about, and it always amazes me looking back that I actually *have* said things here in the past because what in the world is there to talk about? The only new thing is that we've begun renting The OC from Netflix. I'm always somewhat reluctant to talk about my TV preferences since I think it may totally destroy any image anyone may have of my being an intellectual :-) but hey... I like the show... so does Darrell... even if it is billed as a "prime-time soap". Seth Cohen is the coolest.

Seven Replies to Hello

Amy Austin | December 2, 2008
Good. Glad to know I'm not guilty! And there's nothing wrong with a little guilty pleasure, either. ;-) (But I hope you'll put us back on your list of those... is it truly that anxiety-inducing???)

Tony Peters | December 2, 2008
Hey I have all 7 seasons of Buffy on DVD

Jackie Mason | December 3, 2008
[hidden by author request]

Scott Hardie | December 3, 2008
Well, when you decide to let some anxiety back into your life, I hope we're your method of choice. :-) I miss you, old friend.

Enjoy the show. We're working through Star Trek: Deep Space Nine at home and Commander in Chief every two weeks with my mom, so we're not exactly hip either.

Steve West | December 3, 2008
The charming one! Good to hear from you. Brenda and I are enjoying Quantum Leap.

Aaron Shurtleff | December 3, 2008
Hi! Good to hear you are well! If nothing else, the occasional update on how you're doing will be nice. Obviously, the more the better, but we'll take what we can get!

I'm being convinced to see Dexter, but I still don't know about that, yet... Hoping my wife got me House Season 2 and/or 3 when they were at Target for $24.99 each on Black Friday, but who knows...

Denise Sawicki | December 4, 2008
I only have 2 seasons of Buffy, 5 and 6... chosen largely because of my ridiculous "thing" for Spike... Anyway Buffy probably counts as geek and therefore "chic" but The O.C. ? Not really :) Probably more perceived as a show for jocks and cheerleaders but I don't perceive it that way, at least the parts I have watched so far. (Not that there's anything wrong with being a jock or a cheerleader, I'd just prefer to identify with geeks :P )

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