I calculated the amount of money spent, based on movie budgets, in saving Matt Damon. I only went to 2015 because I got tired. But up to then, here's the money that's been spent.

Movie Budgets
Courage Under Fire: $46M
Saving Private Ryan: $70M
Titan AE: $75M
Syriana: $50M
Green Zone: $100M
Elysium: $115M
Interstellar: 165M
The Martian: $108M

Total: $729M

That seems surprisingly low. We're talking about Matt Damon!

Three Replies to So, How Much Has Been Spent Saving Matt Damon?

Matthew Preston | January 25, 2022
I think you valued yourself at $5 million or so in a previous blog post, so this seems to be about on scale. One of the two of you is a national treasure after all!

Steve West | January 25, 2022
That's a good point.

Evie Totty | January 25, 2022
[sideways laughing emojis]

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