publication date: Thursday, September 7, 2006 (part of Round XXVIII)

category: Education

clue: If a certain site user wanted to switch from being a lawyer to a public schoolteacher, he'd do well to study under this British expert.

explanation: Scott-Baumann was a British expert on secondary education. The clue referred to site user Scott Baumann who had recently given up his career as a lawyer to be a teacher. more…

solved by: Amy Austin

trivia: Knowing that site user Steve Dunn was better-known as a lawyer on the site, Scott hoped players would look for famous lawyers with names similar to his. Scott also believes the gooed image makes Scott-Baumann look like a Mexican wrestler.

This goo represented Scott Baumann in "Don't I Know You from Somewhere 3lse?" Week. Each goo was named after a Funeratic site member.

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