This celebrity goo was created by player Lori Lancaster.
Scott Hardie provided the source image, gooed image, and category, made minor changes to the clue provided by Lori, and wrote the explanation.

publication date: Thursday, June 23, 2011 (part of Summer 2011)

category: Movies

clue: this supernatural kid will be hard to forget even if he doesn't live forever

explanation: Feldman starred in several supernatural-themed productions including The Lost Boys. more…

solved by: Russ Wilhelm, Steve West, Justin Woods, Chris Lemler, Joanna Woods, Richard Slominsky, and Mike Rothstein

trivia: This goo was based in part on the snub of the "other Corey," when the 2011 Oscars did not include Corey Haim in the "In Memoriam" tribute to recently deceased stars. Lori worded the clue in light of this.

Children of the Eighties: The 1980s were a booming time for child stars in television and movies, as Hollywood focused on family entertainment. Can you name these five actors who became famous playing kids in that decade?

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