Justin Woods won this round on September 2, 2011. There were 65 goos.

Players this round: Justin Woods (65 goos solved, a perfect score), Steve West (64 goos solved), Chris Lemler (62 goos solved), Joanna Woods (61 goos solved), LaVonne Lemler (60 goos solved), Russ Wilhelm (60 goos solved), Mike Rothstein (59 goos solved), Richard Slominsky (58 goos solved), Denise Sawicki (44 goos solved), Samir Mehta (43 goos solved), Steve Dunn (37 goos solved), Matthew Preston (31 goos solved), Elaine Beckland (24 goos solved), Scott Horowitz (19 goos solved), Laurie Laczkowski (14 goos solved), Erik Bates (11 goos solved), Ryan Dunn (7 goos solved), Tony Peters (6 goos solved), Aaron Shurtleff (4 goos solved), and Lori Lancaster (4 goos solved).

W. Mark Felt

Watergate whistle-blower Go »

Wang Weilin

the tank stops here Go »


urban artist, or talented criminal? Go »

Poe Toaster

Baltimore's most famous cemetery guest Go »

Frank McAlary

if you win this season, celebrate like he did Go »

Paris Hilton

heiress of five hundred thirty hotels Go »

Florence Henderson

mom of six Bradys Go »

Victoria Beckham

wife of one soccer player Go »

Tokyo Rose

nickname of a dozen propagandists Go »

Sydney Penny

star of two soaps Go »

Michael J. Fox

took his Young Republicans membership card to 1955, then 2015, then 1885 Go »

Emmanuel Lewis

you might need a manual to find this goo in the old school Go »

Alyssa Milano

daughter of a maid, grew up to become sister of witches Go »

Corey Feldman

this supernatural kid will be hard to forget even if he doesn't live forever Go »

Drew Barrymore

her biggest co-stars have been Cameron Diaz & Lucy Liu, Adam Sandler, Tom Green, and a raspy-voiced little alien Go »

Jon Hamm

ainmay admanmay Go »

Kevin Bacon

arstay of ootloosefay and emorstray Go »

Dustin Swinehart

arlottechay oalgay eaderlay Go »

Francis Bacon

ethodicalmay ientistscay Go »

Frank Borman

igspay... in... acespay Go »

George Steinbrenner

owned New York's most patriotic sports team Go »

Floyd Little

Denver's tiniest running back Go »

Nathaniel Hawthorne

helped Salem confront its history Go »

Gina Glocksen

the first idol to try twice came from Chicago Go »

William Goldsmith

the beating heart of Seattle's rock scene Go »

Scarlett Johansson

this Avenger is once again Miss Go »

Meg White

this former Mrs. is now a drummer of a different stripe Go »

Al Green

you oughta be with him, 'cause he's still in love with you Go »

Molly Peacock

private poet Go »

Eve Plumb

taught a thing or two to her older sister, younger sister, and three step-brothers Go »

Rafael Nadal

who's the king of clay? Go »

Li Na

China's grandest Go »

Steffi Graf

Germany's greatest Go »

Chris Evert

just as committed to golf and skiing as to tennis Go »

Björn Borg

retirement is futile Go »


R&B star known for showing his houseguests to their seats Go »

Ryan Reynolds

playing a green superhero hasn't revealed his buried talents Go »

Jonathan Ogden

since his 2008 retirement, he has played football nevermore Go »

Léon Foucault

French physicist known for dangling his invention over a pit in the floor Go »

Bobby Seale

this seal became one tough cat in 1966 Go »

Guy Fawkes

gunpowder is one way to express displeasure with Parliament, especially on November 5 Go »

Guy Ritchie

what do Madonna, Jason Statham, and Sherlock Holmes have in common? Go »

Guy Pearce

suppressed his Australian accent to play a studdering king's brother Go »

Guy de Maupassant

French author known for his brevity, in language and in form Go »

Buddy Guy

I'm not your friend, buddy Go »

Carlos Santana

guitar wizard who became famous with his eponymous jazz-fusion band at Woodstock Go »

Carlos Slim

holds a slender margin over the world's second-richest man Go »

Paul Rodriguez

comedian and club owner who made a million dollars in a self-directed starring role Go »

Octavio Paz

inspired by Hawthorne, married by Garro, honored by Nobel Go »

Gloria Trevi

una de las mas vendidas cantantes en el mercado de música pop, que es famosa por su pelo suelto Go »

Thomas Kinkade

serious art critics take his work too lightly Go »

Pat Conroy

dysfunctional families are the root of psychological trauma, especially involving basketballs in faces and tigers in cages Go »

Maria Bamford

funny voices help her jokes hit the target Go »

George Boole

01110100 01110010 01110101 01100101 00100000 01101111 01110010 00100000 01100110 01100001 01101100 01110011 01100101 00111111 Go »

Blake Lively

rumor has it, she was spotted in June falling in love with a man with a ring on his finger Go »

Rod Serling

a writer known for getting weird after dark Go »

Amber Hagerman

abduction awareness agent Go »

Arthur Frommer

these days, you can't go to many places for five dollars Go »

Judy Blume

helping teenagers deal with sex since 1969 Go »

Gretchen Carlson

it helps to make friends if you play dumb Go »

Nicole de Boer

eepday in the onezay Go »

Don Gorske

Ronald McDonald's biggest fan Go »

Owen Hart

every hero eventually falls Go »

Kate Middleton

pretty new princess Go »

Peter T. King

he made sure that American Muslims were heard (who's the king?) Go »