This celebrity goo was created by player Scott Horowitz.
Scott Hardie provided the gooed image, category, and difficulty, made minor changes to the clue provided by Scott, and wrote the explanation.

publication date: Friday, April 7, 2006 (part of Round XXVII)

category: Radio

clue: Big teeth equal big ratings.

explanation: Well known by the nickname Baba Booey, Dell'Abate is a producer and frequent on-air collaborator of Howard Stern, and is frequently mocked on the show for having big teeth. more…

solved by: Russ Wilhelm, Steve West, Amy Austin, Mike Eberhart, Aaron Shurtleff, David Mitzman, Elliot Farney, Jerry Mathis, Chris McKinnon, and Todd Brotsch

trivia: This photo of player Scott Horowitz standing with Dell'Abate was inspired by a similar goo in which player Matthew Preston stood with celebrity Nick Gillard (0659).

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