publication date: Wednesday, February 14, 2018 (part of Winter 2018)

category: Movies

clue: This once-private actress has had golden success since going overboard and becoming dead.

explanation: Hawn starred in Private Benjamin, Overboard, and Death Becomes Her. more…

difficulty: easy

solved by: Russ Wilhelm, Samir Mehta, LaVonne Lemler, Chris Lemler, Matthew Preston, Richard Slominsky, Erik Bates, and Lori Lancaster

trivia: The early days of Celebrity Goo Game were compulsively diverse: I made a point of including a significant number of female and non-white celebrities, and I insisted that each theme contain goos from a variety of categories. When a military veteran asked permission to create seven goos in a "Military History Week" in the game, I obliged the request on one condition, that he adhere to the game's diversity of gender and race and category. The result was a disappointment: The player was forced to submit goos that barely qualified as "military" celebrities, such as Goldie Hawn (2005) for Private Benjamin. After this waste of a good theme and a player's time, I gave up on this idea of forced inclusivity. The game has been better for it. –Scott Hardie

20th Anniversary: Celebrity Goo Game has changed a lot since it began in February 1998. The twenty goos in this theme recreate the twenty most impactful and game-changing goos from the last two decades, in order of their influence. Happy anniversary, goo game!

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