publication date: Monday, May 28, 2001 (part of Round XIII)

category: Cartoons

clue: One of these days, Serena - pow, zoom...

explanation: Sailor Moon is a fictional superhero in animĂȘ. The "one of these days, pow, zoom" is a reference to "The Honeymooners," the television program in which Jackie Gleason threatened to punch his wife Audrey Meadows so hard that she would fly to the moon. The name "Serena" is the character Sailor Moon's real name. more…

solved by: Denise Sawicki, David Mitzman, Lori Lancaster, Aaron Fischer, Kelly Lee, Anna Gregoline, Edward Tegge, Jeff Flom, and Angela Lathem-Ballard

trivia: This goo was part of Round Thirteen, in which each goo was dedicated to a particular player. This goo was created for Lori Lancaster, who was a fervent Sailor Moon fan and had dressed up like the characters in the past. She had a daughter named Serena, though she denied that she named the girl after the fictional character.

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