Aaron Fischer won this round on May 28, 2001. There were 14 goos.

Players this round: Aaron Fischer (14 goos solved, a perfect score), Denise Sawicki (14 goos solved, a perfect score), Mike Eberhart (13 goos solved), Jeff Flom (11 goos solved), David Mitzman (9 goos solved), Kelly Lee (9 goos solved), Matthew Preston (9 goos solved), Anna Gregoline (8 goos solved), Brannan Conrad (8 goos solved), Edward Tegge (8 goos solved), Angela Lathem-Ballard (7 goos solved), K. R. (6 goos solved), Lori Lancaster (3 goos solved), and Dave Craig (1 goo solved).

Charlton Heston

Those damn dirty liberals should be made into soylent green. Go »

Sammy Sosa

All of Chicago wishes this baby bear had out-hit McGwire in '99. Go »

Robert E. Lee

This Southern gentleman's war on Grants was plenty civil. Go »

Shirley Muldowney

Record-breaking female drivers surely don't need to dress in drag. Go »

Rebecca Romijn-Stamos

If Uncle Jesse's swimsuit-clad wife has a mystique, I have blue skin. Go »

Lee Harvey Oswald

It's too bad this sharpshooter with three first names didn't live to hear the Dead Kennedys. Go »


Maybe Tekken is Japanese for 'man with cat head.' Who's the king? Go »

Walt Disney

One urban legend says he's now a cryogenically frozen sleeping beauty, stored under Pirates of the Caribbean. Go »


Fire, a flowery name, and fear (or a lack thereof) define this powerful puff. Go »

Alan Alda

I created this g*o*o with the eye of a hawk and the hand of a surgeon. Go »

Gary Gygax

That this gy is the seminal figure of RPGs is true, sure, and real. Go »

Gwendolyn Brooks

She was no Annie Allen, but this shy Chicagoan became Illinois's poet laureate. Go »

Andy Warhol

For fifteen minutes, he popped the difference between advertising and art. Go »

Sailor Moon

One of these days, Serena - pow, zoom... Go »