This celebrity goo was created by player Denise Sawicki.
Scott Hardie provided the gooed image, category, and difficulty, made minor changes to the clue provided by Denise, and made minor changes to the explanation provided by Denise.

publication date: Monday, December 31, 2001 (part of Round XV)

category: Music

clue: If you're feeling sinister, go listen to some songs by this former boxer turned lead singer.

explanation: Murdoch was a guitar player and the lead singer for the band Belle & Sebastian, as well as a former boxer. B&S's most successful album was "If You're Feeling Sinister." more…

solved by: Matthew Preston, Mike Eberhart, Aaron Fischer, Kelly Stokes, and Jeff Flom

trivia: Many players got stuck on the goo, focusing solely on the word "sinister," when it was the greater phrase that mattered. Additionally, there was a big clue right on the site itself: On requestor Denise Sawicki's player page, her first listed interest was "Belle & Sebastian."

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