I'm still laughing like a loon! I watched a show on Fuse network (which I've never even watched before...or knew existed) called "Pants off Dance off!". The show has all sorts of people (and I do mean all sorts) dancing to whichever song makes them happy. During the song, they..um..strip down to the underclothes, sometimes in a coordinated fashion, but mostly, badly and stumblingly. They do seem to strip further, but you have to go to the website to see that (which, since I only have access from work, I shall not do to confirm, but I see no reason to doubt it! Not to mention that, if you saw these people, you'd be in no hurry to see it!) Best of all, the show is "hosted" by Jodie Sweetin, of Full House "fame" (I use both hosted and fame to be relative terms, of course...and I think Jodie Sweetin also was famous for getting busted with drugs, but that might have been someone else, and I have no desire to look it up.) If you're really really really bored, you might could do worse than watching this. I am vaguely ashamed to have watched this show. Oh! Did I mention that you can win cash prizes? You can! They're looking ofr contestants for the second season, so if you like naked, and you can sway to music in a semi-coordinated fashion, get out there and show us (assuming there are more than 2 people who watch this) what you got! ;P

I have to work...I'll edit in more stuff in a bit!

EDITED at 1007: Woo! Work rocks...

OK, well, my wife is finally coming home, which is great! Spent the whole day Sunday putting the house back into some semblence of clean to prevent the ass-whoopin' I'd get otherwise (I'm not a tidy person, which is being nice about it)! My wife is lucky, in that she gets to go to lots of places for her job (she's a red tide researcher). However, it also puts me in an awkward spot, and this will probably sound like so much complaining, but it is. My wife has a conference in Copenhagen next month, and she's asked me to go with her, to which I reluctantly accepted. The only problem is that I have to violate one of my personal beliefs to go, and I'm not exactly comfortable with myself at this point. The thing is I hate to be one of those piss-annoying people who goes to a foreign country and can't speak the language. I despise it when people come to America and do it, and I NEVER wanted to be one of those people. Now, however, I have to do this, and I hate myself for it. I should have told my wife I didn't want to go. I didn't though, because she wouldn't understand. That's the biggest problem in my marriage, though: the lack of understanding between my wife and myself. Not that anyone cares about that. The point is that I have to suck it up and deal with it now. I made the bed, and I need to lie in it. I don't have to like it though...

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Kris Weberg | August 7, 2006
I am full of questions after reading your post, most of them revolving around whether or not people in Copenhagen call the delightful breakfast pastry a danish.

More seriously, though, in a place like Copenhagen, you're likely to meet plenty of Anglophones. Since you're going, rather than thinking of this as something you have to grin and bear, you may as well try and relax so that you can get what pleasure you may out of the trip.

Besides, it's not just people from abroad who don's share a common tongue in America. Were you to visit Louisiana, you might be shocked at what some of the USA's "native speakers" sound like.

Scott Hardie | August 8, 2006
Aaron, do you make a distinction between people who move to a country without speaking the language, and people who merely visit for a few days? Just curious.

Scott Hardie | August 8, 2006
Oh, and I read about Pants-off Dance-off on CNN.com today, just by coincidence. I considered bringing it up on here, but when I visited the show's official site... let's just say I wasn't impressed. Maybe it's the sameness every time, or the obstructive blur that conceals more than the underwear, or the bad music that results from no budget for licensing, but it wasn't my thing.

Aaron Shurtleff | August 9, 2006
Yeah, it's probably just my Full House fetish! :D
I'm not saying PODO is television at its finest, but for what's on tv at 12:30 am when you can't fall asleep, it's not bad. Just my opinion, though, of course!

As far as travelling, there is a distinction between visiting a country and you can't speak the language, and immigrating to a country, and you can't speak the language, obviously. I'm not really comfortable with being either (not that I would seriously consider leaving the US...for all its faults, I still think it's better than many alternatives, and I still have hope that we can make this country better...foolish me!), but obviously I'd be even more bothered if I moved to Copenhagen, and I couldn't speak a lick of... crap... scandinavian? I don't even know what the language is! My ignorance aside, I just am not comfortable being that person. I don't like it here, and I'm sure I won't like being that guy there.

As far as relaxing and trying to enjoy myself, if it was as easy as that, I wouldn't have to see a doctor on a weekly basis. :(

Jackie Mason | August 11, 2006
[hidden by author request]

Aaron Shurtleff | August 14, 2006
I didn't even see this reply until today! They hide! Or, I don't know how to tell they are there, other than count the number of replies...

I agree with you, Jackie. I feel that my wife could understand, if she tried, but I feel she doesn't try, she dismisses it as "crazy". But, that could be me putting something there that doesn't exist as well. I feel sometimes that since I started seeing a therapist that she tends to just blow my concerns off because, well, I seeing a therapist, so there must be something wrong with my reasoning. Like if she doesn't feel the same way as me, I am in the wrong, because she's not the one seeing a therapist. I sometimes feel like I lose the argument before it begins. It's tricky and confusing, at least for me. Of course, I could be just paranoid enough to make the whole thing up, too!


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