I've been obsessing about something I said, and I want to blog about it. Here is what I am now thinking, along with added special what's going on inside my head commentary! All italics are internal monologues/voices in my head, and regular text is the other side of my thinking process.

This is seriously only partially joking. I'm really worried about the situation below...

Oh, man. I put a comment about the GooCon being a sausage fest because there was only one girl and I thought it would be funny, but no one has commented yet. Maybe it was too far over the line, and someone was offended by my referring to the Y-chromosome-heavy line-up so far as a "sausage fest".
Moron. You think you're funny, but you're offensive. Now you've pissed off all the chicks* on the site, and none of them are going to come. And, to top it off, you've made it painfully obvious that the attendees are mostly men, so other guys aren't going to want to come now either, because guys spending time in sunny Florida with a bunch of guys they met through the internet sounds like the premise for gay porn. Dumbass!
Well, now hold on! I'm sure the real reason most people are intending or considering coming to GooCon is to meet the friends they've made here at goo.tc (and, previously, celebritygoogame.com). It's not like a singles club or anything! We're a bunch of people who play games, discuss deep topics, and enjoy each others company together. I'm sure it's just too early to be concerned, not because of some flippant comment I made.
Do you hear yourself?
Shut up, I'm not finished! There's still 182 days until GooCon**. That's half a year pretty much. People need time to figure out their financial situations, and plan their time off from work and what not. I doubt anyone is seriously considering not coming because I made a "sausage fest" comment!
Oh! I see now! You egomaniac! You're hoping people sign up right away, so that, deep in your heart, you can think to yourself that they're coming because you confirmed you're going to be there!
That's totally...
Now it's your turn to shut up! That's why you're so concerned about the lack of response. You're worried that since you said you were definitely going to be there, other people will end up not coming because you're too crazy for people to deal with! Ha! Loser!
Are you finished? Can I respond now?
Thank you. I have heard your response, and I have just this to say: Blow it out your...

* My internal voice is very politically incorrect, even though I would personally never refer to women as "chicks". I was raised better than that!
** Thank you, Scott, for the countdown, which makes my thinking process easier, because I don't have to count the days!

Five Replies to 25-IV-2008(ii) or A Look Inside My Head

Scott Hardie | April 26, 2008
I'm considering renaming it GooCon: Sausage Fest.

Denise Sawicki | April 26, 2008
I for one wasn't offended, I figured you were just being funny. Don't know if I can go though! I obsess over everything I say too so I understand :P

Lori Lancaster | April 27, 2008
[hidden by author request]

Steve West | April 28, 2008
Gay porn? I love gay porn. Sad porn is soooo depressing. Kind of defeats the purpose, you know? What's that Brenda? Gay porn really means...
Please disregard all previous comments. I'm an idiot. Repeat, I'm an idiot."

Jackie Mason | May 7, 2008
[hidden by author request]


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