Waaaaaaaaaay out
in the water
see it swimming

I think I'm not going to get this R5 card in the recent auction, but I can't help putting all my R$ into it! Hopefully everyone will put the big money into The Who, and I will steal it, but... :( I am woefully lacking in R$. Just a warning, though... every single R$ I have is in this bid! ALL OF IT! If you all want to beat me, you're going to have to bid high!!!

And in other great news, I might have internet access at home sometime in September. I've got my fingers crossed!!! Then, I will be playing Rock Block and racking up the outrageous R$ like all of the elite players! :)

If you understood the reference at the beginning of the post, then you know what the song of the day is!!

I don't think anyone saw my reference to an embarassing episode or two from my past, except maybe for Amy (she could have been ROFLMMFAO about something else). Hopefully, it will go unnoticed... I should think before I post! :O

All I can think of is Rock Block! I'm addicted!!

All you bastards better let me get this &*%(&^%$(&^*& R5 card!!!!

Four Replies to 27-VIII-2007 or Where Is My Mind?

Lori Lancaster | August 27, 2007
[hidden by author request]

Tony Peters | August 28, 2007
I honestly hope you don't win it i bid an obscene amount of money on that R5 and if I don't win it something sad is going on

Scott Hardie | August 28, 2007
Changes may be coming to the bidding system. It's not going the way it's supposed to.

Aaron Shurtleff | August 28, 2007
I didn't bid an obscene enough amount. :(

But, then, neither did you... :(

But, seriously, Scott, don't change it for my benefit. I didn't really expect to get it, and all my complaints are more for humor than actual outrage, I promise!


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