As the title states.




I want to sleep.

Song of the day: Sleep by Savatage.

Helpful tip of the day: When you get your bank statement, remember that the day a charge from your debit card clears is not necessarily the day you made the purchase. This helps security folks at stores from spending 30 minutes looking for a transaction you swear was made on a particular day when the truth is it was made the day before. The added advantage is we don't talk bad about you after you leave for being a dumbass if you don't act like the kind of dumbass you has no idea how to read their statement.

This tip has nothing to do with something that happened at work. Nope.

Personal note to Scott Hardie: I'm holding out seeing No Country For Old Men until GOOCON. It better be worth it! ;) Also, I saw Juno for the first time on Saturday, and it was great!

Personal note to Amy Austin: You've talked about GooCon like you're going to be there, but you aren't on the official list. Are you a yes, no, or maybe on attending, or do you know yet? No pressure. Just nosy.

Personal note to Denise Sawicki: How you doin'? :) No, seriously, how are ya?

Personal note to Steve West: Are you bringing the family and child bride with you to GooCon, or is it just you? Not that it matters to me, but I'm curious.

Personal note to Mitchell Cumstein: You don't really exist, do you? That's a crazy alias, right?

Do you know how scared I am that Slaughter will get promoted, and I'll lose Invincibility because I have no R1 cards? I need to come up with a band for my next birthday so obscure that Scott can't possibly promote it to R2... What to do...

Eight Replies to 4-VI-2008 or I want to write, but I must sleep

Amy Austin | June 4, 2008
hahaha... you aren't the first to wonder about ol' Mitch and why Scott hasn't purged him from the system as he has done with so many other ridiculous aliases...

(sorry to Mitch -- who will likely *never* read this -- if that's a real name... but even if it is, you're a chump for not changing it)

Not to speak for Steve, but I do believe that he already said somewhere around here that he would be going alone.

As will I, if I make it. Count me as a definite maybe -- things are very questionable for me about that time frame... along the lines of figuring out if it will be a one-way or round-trip. If it's the former... I may be broke as hell, but I will find a way to be there. If the latter, there are obstacles to consider -- namely, how much leave will I have on the books, and who will watch my girls... considerations that will also be on the table in August, when my command is planning to have their annual conference in Pensacola... that I will be expected to attend (as I did do not last year, due to one of the aforementioned considerations!)

So yeah... I'll be trying -- and my check supply (from six years ago) is diminishing, as I use them for the first time (over the last year and a half) in years to pay my rent... so that will also have to wait on something being decided/figured out, because checks hang around too damn long to go getting them printed willy-nilly! ;-D

Steve West | June 4, 2008
I'll be going solo, I think. Brenda showed great enthusiasm for the trip but we couldn't figure a way around school for the girls, specifically the youngest one. My daughter, Olivia, is autistic and attends special schooling. Lauren gets a few days off and it's no big deal. Olivia needs to be in school as much as possible. So much so that she attends Extended School Year and workshops throughout the summer. Ultimately, Brenda decided she couln't bear to be away from them for that many days in a row. She's such a mom. I only feel comfortable being away for that long because of the faith I have in her care for the girls. Hope everything works out for your attendance, Amy.

Aaron, might I suggest Ravi Shankar? Thanks, Scott.

Aaron Shurtleff | June 4, 2008
You know! Of all the people to pick up Skynyrd, it would have to be Steve! :(

No, seriously, though. Congrats!!

Steve West | June 4, 2008
You got that right
Said, you got that right
Well you got that right
Sure... Got that right

Scott Hardie | June 5, 2008
When he first signed up, I considered the likelihood that Mitchell Cumstein was an alias, especially after Jennifer Youngedyke not much earlier. The game had just recently started attracting players beyond my circle of friends and I was suspicious. But I researched both names online and found plenty of examples of both, so I didn't feel justified barring it outright. I've always wondered, though.

Amy, best of luck with getting here, of course, and I'll help however I can (especially if it's moving). If you want to pay for GooCon and not use a check, money orders are ok too.

Steve, we'll be glad to have you either way. Maybe we can send a video back to the family or something?

Aaron, Slaughter is up for promotion, as soon as it gets enough votes. Feel free to trade it for something brand new, or challenge others to trade concerts and take their R1s (Each will help). I'm up for it.

Amy Austin | June 5, 2008
Thanks for that, Scott (especially if it's moving!)... but the drawback to money orders is that they aren't just paper promises -- I don't have the funds for more than a promise at the moment, either... I'd happily send a check if I weren't halfway through my last book of them until... ???

I'm thinking that things should start looking somewhat more concrete sometime around August... we'll see. It's really hard to make plans that far out when there are finances and family to consider (yes, I count the girls as family). Kenneling for a week ain't cheap, and if I have to solicit Ed's help somehow, I'll probably only have my one shot in August for the work-related reasons. These things naturally add some extra bitterness to my already difficult time accepting the circumstances I've been gifted with, so... we'll see! Sorry that's the best I can do right now, but thanks a bunch for your thoughts on my behalf -- like a friend of mine says, "we live, and we hope!" ;-)

Denise Sawicki | June 6, 2008
I'm OK. Looks like Tony Peters gave me a nice winning streak to push my standing above yours in Rock Block... :-) Other than that... plenty of emotional vomit not worth mentioning :P

Aaron Shurtleff | June 6, 2008
What?! I didn't see that! Congrats, but I don't plan to stay down long!!! ;)


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