Most people wouldn't find anything to celebrate in weighing four hundred pounds. But when you're above that and working your way down, and that number is as high as your scale will go, it's a good milestone to cross. I've weighed more than this for at least four years (how long I've had the scale), and it feels good to know that I've dropped whatever weight I've put on during that time. I still have a very long way to go and I'm looking forward to the journey, but for now I'm just glad not to weigh "ERROR" any more.

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Scott Hardie | April 10, 2010
People have asked me how much I started out weighing, but I really have no idea. I've lost five pant sizes so far, and the Internet says each size is 10-20 pounds, but the Internet says a lot of things. I'm glad to have a real number from now on.

Scott Hardie | April 10, 2010
In the meantime, I have a huge appetite, but I'm glad I'm not this guy.

Jackie Mason | April 10, 2010
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Steve West | April 10, 2010
Woohoo! Teach that scale a lesson it won't soon forget! Seriously, this is great news as now you can set more immediately measureable milestones instead of just relying on indicators. This is really good news.

Lori Lancaster | April 10, 2010
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Justin Conner | April 11, 2010
Thats really cool Scott, to bad the only thing I can think to celebrate anything is going out to eat.

Tony Peters | April 11, 2010

Dave Stoppenhagen | April 12, 2010
That's great Scott! Congrats on the milestone

Amy Austin | April 19, 2010

Mmm... sandwich... (can we get off the topic of food already???)

Dang... Jackie beat me to expressing the anticipation of seeing the new you at GooCon -- but I hadn't read here yet. ;-p

And... what Justin said. Definitely.

Scott Hardie | April 20, 2010
Thanks, all of you. The encouragement keeps me going. :-)

Erik Bates | April 22, 2010
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