Forty-nine out of fifty states currently have snow on the ground from recent snowfalls. Guess which state is the only one without snow. That's right, Brenda. It's Florida. Take a look out our front window. See that white stuff piled in our front yard. None of that in Florida right now. Even Hawaii has friggin' snow! Only one more reason we should move to the Sunshine State. Are you listening to me?

She can't hear me 'cause she's wearing earmuffs even in our climate controlled living room. It's freaking cold outside.

Four Replies to 49 Out of 50 is Pretty Compelling

Scott Hardie | January 13, 2011
Tonight, I momentarily felt a cold draft coming from the pet door that leads to the lanai.

That's about it.

Lori Lancaster | January 13, 2011
[hidden by author request]

Lori Lancaster | January 13, 2011
[hidden by author request]

Tony Peters | January 13, 2011
for the record Hawaii usually has snow year round....that said I have finally finished shoveling the 20 or so inches of the white stuff from my sidewalk and driveway

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