Last night I had the privilege to attend a Halloween party thrown by Miah (Jeremiah) Poisson and his fiancée Ines Sarante, which doubled as Miah's birthday party. My thanks to the hosts! I had a great time.

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Denise Krecicki as Little Red Riding Hood, or possibly as Penny Arcade's Strawberry Shortcake. If you missed the History of feature, Denise and I are seeing each other now. More on that soon.

Miah as Lex Luthor. That's not a bald cap.

Ines as Lois Lane and friend Brian Lowe as Hugh Hefner.

Me as some kind of 70s guy. My costume is part of this year's prestigious Best of Walgreen's collection.


Seven Replies to Halloween Party 2006

Lori Lancaster | October 30, 2006
[hidden by author request]

Jackie Mason | October 30, 2006
[hidden by author request]

Matthew Preston | October 30, 2006
Oh man, that cake is awesome! Was the computer edible?

Jeremiah Poisson | October 30, 2006
Computer is edible and still in one piece as I’m not sure if I want to ruin that part of the cake yet… I’m sure that won’t last much longer though, I can't resist cake! :)

Lori Lancaster | October 31, 2006
[hidden by author request]

Anna Gregoline | October 31, 2006
The cake is amazing!

Anna Gregoline | October 31, 2006
Oh, and so is Scott's fro. =)

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