Last night I had the privilege to attend a Halloween party thrown by Miah (Jeremiah) Poisson and his fiancée Ines Sarante, which doubled as Miah's birthday party. My thanks to the hosts! I had a great time.

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Denise Krecicki as Little Red Riding Hood, or possibly as Penny Arcade's Strawberry Shortcake. If you missed the History of feature, Denise and I are seeing each other now. More on that soon.

Miah as Lex Luthor. That's not a bald cap.

Ines as Lois Lane and friend Brian Lowe as Hugh Hefner.

Me as some kind of 70s guy. My costume is part of this year's prestigious Best of Walgreen's collection.


Seven Replies to Halloween Party 2006

Lori Lancaster | October 30, 2006
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Jackie Mason | October 30, 2006
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Matthew Preston | October 30, 2006
Oh man, that cake is awesome! Was the computer edible?

Jeremiah Poisson | October 30, 2006
Computer is edible and still in one piece as I’m not sure if I want to ruin that part of the cake yet… I’m sure that won’t last much longer though, I can't resist cake! :)

Lori Lancaster | October 31, 2006
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Anna Gregoline | October 31, 2006
The cake is amazing!

Anna Gregoline | October 31, 2006
Oh, and so is Scott's fro. =)

Logical Operator

The creator of Funeratic, Scott Hardie, blogs about running this site, losing weight, and other passions including his wife Kelly, his friends, movies, gaming, and Florida. Read more »

The Honeymoon

After our wedding, it was time for Kelly and I to enjoy our honeymoon: Ten days in Los Angeles, San Francisco, and the coastline between them. We (really I, with Kelly's signoff) spent weeks researching and scheduling to pull it off, and the effort was definitely worth it, as we had ten days of bliss. We rode new rides at Disneyland, toured a movie studio and historic ship, saw whales and dolphins up close, ate lunch atop a mountain, hiked among the redwoods, explored Chinatown and Alcatraz, and along the way ate some amazing food. Go »

Blood Lines

A few weeks ago, I dropped a glass bottle of salad dressing on the kitchen floor, making the house smell like vinaigrette for a day. Today, I stepped on the last errant bit of glass hiding in a crack of tile by the corner. Better my foot than the cat's paw, I guess; I don't lick between my toes. Go »


Thanks to a friend who couldn't use them, I scored They Might Be Giants tickets to replace the broken Valentines gift that I originally bought for Kelly. We took in the show last night with two other friends who happened to be going, Nathan and Raquel, and it was a great time. Most of my concerts have been metal, so I'm used to screaming and head-banging, and I didn't exactly know how to get into the music, especially since I was the least familiar with the TMBG catalog. Go »

The Revised Revised Revised Story

Last spring, This Modern World ran a great parody charting the decline of civil liberties in recent years, after the then-shocking revelation that the government was building a database of every call made in the country: (link) I was reminded of that over the weekend as the latest shocking revelation came out, that the FBI has vastly abused its new ability to request confidential information in the interest of national security (link), almost as if it was the next panel in the strip. Except I'm not laughing. Oh, what I'd have given to be the reporter at Alberto Gonzales's press conference this morning. Go »


I'm off to Springfield for the weekend to help Kelly move. YAY SNOW. Back late Monday night. Go »

R.I.P. Pat

Kelly's mother passed away last week. The event had been anticipated for decades: Pat was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes as a child, suffered kidney failure in 1995 and survived on her brother's donated kidney, and had five strokes and five heart attacks and countless operations, including emergency brain surgery in 2007 that changed her personality. She obviously possessed quite an inner resiliency even if she seemed petite and frail on the outside, but it was inevitable that she would someday lose the fight with her own body. Go »