So, yeah... this is the longest period of involuntary unemployment I've experienced in at least 20 years, I believe. But to add insult to injury... I've had to go through the ringer lately with getting my Florida license and tag shit paid for, too. I guess I'm supposed to be grateful to have gotten it done this month, though, since -- as of tomorrow, 01 September -- Florida is hiking the hell out of all of these fees. I looked at the schedule for both, and all I can say is... woof. Sombitch. That's what Gleason's Justice would say, anyway. And if dear old Redd Foxx were still alive, too -- God bless both of their funny asses -- this is what he would say, I'm sure.

Two Replies to Brokeness... That's *My* Livelihood

Jackie Mason | September 1, 2009
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Lori Lancaster | September 1, 2009
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Nocturnal e-Musings

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Just Die Already!

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Painful Life = Even More Painful Dreams...

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Must Love Dogs

Someone I know (I guess you could say "a friend") who's been trying to break into politics for the last six months or so (starting with a mayoral race, lol) recently asked me (via Facebook chat) how I was doing (hadn't seen or talked to him in months). This is pretty much how that went: Mayor McCheese: So how's it going? Me: Shitty. Go »

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