Spinner.com submitted their list of the 12 best Christmas songs. Songs, not carols. They also produced a list of the worst Christmas songs but in keeping with the spirit of the approaching holiday, we choose to ignore it. The site was acting cranky last night (or perhaps it was my PC), so I've recreated the list here. I've only heard about half of these songs and kinda feel left out. Thank God for Youtube! Opinions?

12. I Want An Alien For Christmas – Fountains of Wayne (1997)
11. Pretty Paper – Willie Nelson (1979)
10. Candy Cane Children – White Stripes (2002)
9. Christmas Is The Time To Say I Love You – Billy Squier (1981)
8. Someday At Christmas – Stevie Wonder (1967)
7. Christmas (Baby Please Come Home) – U2 (1987)
6. Rockin’ Around The Christmas Tree – Brenda Lee (1958)
5. Santa Claus Go Straight To The Ghetto – James Brown (1968)
4. River – Joni Mitchell (1971)
3. Blue Christmas – Elvis Presley (1957)
2. Happy Xmas (War Is Over) – John Lennon/Yoko Ono (1971)
1. Christmas In Hollis – Run-DMC (1987)

Two Replies to Christmas Post #21: Christmas Songs

Jackie Mason | December 13, 2007
[hidden by author request]

Steve West | December 13, 2007
Wham! I still remember when they were sexually ambiguous or am I just a revisionist?. I like Mariah Carey's "All I Want For Christmas Is You". Go figure.

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