Small potpourri of MENSA reject criminals, frivolous lawsuits and just dumb laws. Cupcake Burglar; Cheeseburger Lawsuit; Drunken Sock Eater; Saggy Trouser Law; and Goofy Streaker. The most shocking story to me is this last one in which a victimized Kirsten Dunst had her room burgled and items stolen including a $13,000 handbag. What's shocking to me is that there is such a thing as a $13,000 handbag. What, the $9,000 model that my middle-class wife carries not good enough for you?

Four Replies to Dumb Criminals And Other Court Type Stuff

Amy Austin | September 11, 2007
Yeah, that was recent news, Steve... there was actually a headline on myYahoo that cried out "Kirsten Dunst Victimized -- Please Read Me!" (okay, did I add part of that...) -- I went there, not out of cruel curiosity, but out of pure concern, thinking all the while, "OMG, that poor thing -- what happened to her?!?!" Yeah. Imagine my concern when I learned that she wasn't even present at the time of the crime (not that I wouldn't be upset, too... I've been burglarized on a much deeper level -- in the cracker shack rental "house" (using the term quite loosely!) in Florida that I lived in about 10 years ago -- the total sum of which didn't even pay for the stitches that held her handbag together... hell, the house itself probably didn't even cost that much! -- but somehow, I think I was probably more violated). My thoughts pretty much went straight to angry sarcasm: "Oh, you poor, poor thing -- what has happened to you?!?!"

Lori Lancaster | September 11, 2007
[hidden by author request]

Kelly Hardie | September 12, 2007
You know what the best thing about baggy trousers is? Watching the boys run.

BD gym class should be a video game.

They have to hold their crotch just to run...and it's funny. Very very funny.

Jackie Mason | September 17, 2007
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