Brenda and I went to closing for our new house today. Everything went smoothly and an hour and a half later I left with the keys in my pocket. We're moving this weekend so I'll be a little scarce here. We're all obviously excited and a little anxious over the changes but it's all good. It's scheduled to rain this weekend but I don't give two shits about that. There will be plenty of friends and family to help and I expect all of it to be done in one day. Then comes the unpacking and moving around of furniture and for Brenda to notice what piece is missing. A new pie cabinet would look great right there - let's go antiquing! I can't wait (read I can wait).

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Scott Hardie | September 2, 2011
Congrats! It has to be a good feeling after all the planning and waiting. And you could have wound up trying to move last weekend, so what's a little rain tomorrow?

Jackie Mason | September 10, 2011
[hidden by author request]

Steve West | September 10, 2011
A host of friends and family made the furniture move easy. Verizon jerked me around a little but I finally got phone, cable and internet hooked up yesterday. Lauren got a new bed, graduating from twin to full. Olivia has adapted well, sleeping all night for several days in a row now. That's new from the old place where she got up in the middle of the night every other night at least. I'm exhausted but there is still so much to do. New patio door, new A/C unit, switching outlets from two- to three-prong, buying a lawn mower, winning the Rock Block tournament (Oh, yes - I'm still on that!), etc. Brenda has plans on a housewarming party. I just fed all those people and you want them to come back! Do I have to be here? I gotta take a nap.

Scott Hardie | September 10, 2011
winning the Rock Block tournament (Oh, yes - I'm still on that!)

Haha, yes, priorities. :-) Glad you're in and getting settled.

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