Recently, Brenda made the mistake of asking me to fix the toilet. It seemed to have gunk in the thingy that supplies the water and would only filll if I poked it with a paper clip in the spout thingy. You can tell I'm a semi-professional because of all the technical jargon. Well, one hopelessly broken toilet later (after an hour of poking it with power tools, Brenda called the plumber and ordered a new toilet. I call it the flusherator 2000. I made a deal with Brenda for visitation rights (she can spend time with it only every other weekend) and have decided to convert the guest bathroom into my personal sanctum santorum. Now I need a TV in the floor before Final Four weekend and baseball season has just begun. Oh, joy! Ah bliss!

One Reply to Me and Al Bundy

Scott Hardie | April 2, 2013
You missed a chance to title this "Gunk in the Thingy."

Should we expect you to use Funeratic from inside the bathroom from now on? I'm sure I can scrounge up five bathroom-inspired goos, but you'll have to hold it until next season.

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