Someone I know (I guess you could say "a friend") who's been trying to break into politics for the last six months or so (starting with a mayoral race, lol) recently asked me (via Facebook chat) how I was doing (hadn't seen or talked to him in months). This is pretty much how that went:

Mayor McCheese: So how's it going?
Me: Shitty.
MM: Why are things so bad?
Me: I don't know *why*... they just are.
MM: Yeah... it's a dog eat dog world. And I'm still wearing milkbone underwear.
Me: Well, I'm wearing Lady Gaga's meat dress.

Five Replies to Must Love Dogs

Scott Hardie | September 24, 2010
This site needs a "like" button.

Steve West | September 24, 2010

Tony Peters | September 25, 2010
LOL now that's funny Amy

Jackie Mason | September 25, 2010
[hidden by author request]

Amy Austin | September 25, 2010
And on another friend's FB status update:

The shit, having recovered and gotten itself together from its last beating, has hurled itself at the fan for cover!

My comment:

LOL... ah, that T-1000 shit... I know it well.

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