Is it wrong to laugh at goofy-looking mugshots? Probably on some level. I mean, the circumstances that led to these photographs being taken had to be well, criminal. Their misfortune shouldn't be fodder for my amusement, should it? Not sure, but I laughed anyway. Funny commentary, too.

Six Replies to Schadenfreude

Amy Austin | May 29, 2008
Priceless. No idea how the author could put them in any ranking order, though... how on earth do you decide between an Oompa-Loompa and Badger-Lovin' Beavis, or Cameron Diaz and the Leprechaun???
I just don't know.

Amy Austin | May 30, 2008

(Note from TSG: The gentlemen on page #2 were arrested four days apart and, best as we can tell, do not share a wardrobe.)

Steve West | May 31, 2008
Ha ha! I was inspired to review some Smoking Gun photos also but missed a lot of those. Cool.

Tony Peters | June 2, 2008
thanks you provided me with a lot of laughyter on an otherwise boring morning

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