Last week, Katherine Harris publicly denounced the first amendment, calling it "a lie" and said that we were supposed to be a nation of religious law. She also said that not to vote for a Christian is to vote for sin. (link)

Apparently in Florida that gets you elected: Yesterday she enjoyed a landslide 50% victory over her competitors in the Senate Republican primary despite a bumbling campaign. (link)

Let's just say that I very much look forward to voting for sin in November.

Three Replies to Sinners and Losers

Anna Gregoline | September 6, 2006
Wow, that's very open-minded of her!

Why are so many "Christians" so NOT?

Kris Weberg | September 6, 2006
I don't think you need to worry, Scott; Harris's campaign has been imploding since day one, and as you probbaly know the state GOP actually begged her not to run because she has zero chance of beating Nelson in the general election.

Jackie Mason | September 6, 2006
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