This celebrity goo was created by player Lori Lancaster.
Scott Hardie provided the source image, gooed image, category, and difficulty, made minor changes to the clue provided by Lori, and wrote the explanation.

publication date: Saturday, July 21, 2007 (part of Round XXX)

category: Journalism

clue: Poke 'em, prod 'em, even hand this goo a gun. This goo is willing to try it all.

explanation: Yoffe wrote a column called "Human Guinea Pig" for the online magazine Slate, in which she tried such things as shooting a gun, entering a beauty pageant, and taking a vow of silence. more…

solved by: no one!

trivia: Scott originally didn't distort the source image much because he didn't want to end the round with a difficult goo, but he decided to take advantage of Lori's gender-neutral clue and the rare photo (not indexed by search engines) and create a stumper after all.

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