Hmm... I thought the historic part had already gone past, but apparently, this is an historic day. I didn't know that swearing in was historic. Obama has been President-elect for a while now (since November, by my recollection), so it can't be that, in my opinion. I mean, I'm all for excitement and hope coming into the Obama years, but can we fairly say that today is really an historic day?

But, since I'm the only one not packed into the Seminar room at work watching this "pageant", I guess I'm way off.

I should be back on-line from home soon. *fingers crossed*

Let's go, Big O!!

Fifteen Replies to 20-I-2009 or Aaron misses the point?

Tony Peters | January 20, 2009
it was a good speech, I think a big thing is tht the level of participation/attendance by the common man is much larger than anytime in recent (30 years) history

Lori Lancaster | January 20, 2009
[hidden by author request]

Tony Peters | January 20, 2009
not to mention Mondale and potato boy

Scott Hardie | January 20, 2009
Great speech, great moment. Maybe our grandkids won't care where we were today, but our ancestors would have.

I got annoyed by MSNBC's constant, distracting cutaways to reaction shots and crowd shots during Obama's speech, especially when I realized that almost all of the faces they showed were black faces. Yeah, I get it, but he's not just the president of black people. Wrong message sent.

Tony Peters | January 21, 2009
I watched the speech in HD on CNN mostly because of Oberman's big mouth

Jackie Mason | January 21, 2009
[hidden by author request]

Tony Peters | January 21, 2009
yes Jackie like all oaths of service they have to be spoken correctly that is part of the contract and proof of being of sound mind when entering into it

Steve West | January 21, 2009
I guess I'm just not part of the generation it seems is being raised on Obama adulation. I'm more of a results kind of guy. So far I 've heard a lot of promises. Good promises. Let's see some action. Not smoke and mirrors action, mind you. Substantive, goal directed, positives. I'm ready to believe. Convince me, Mr. President.

Of course, a lot of my skepticism comes from the fact that this is the first president in my lifetime younger than me.

Jackie Mason | January 21, 2009
[hidden by author request]

Amy Austin | January 21, 2009
Jackie... ouch! The youngest presidents up until now were Clinton (um, seventeen years ago!) and Kennedy (before the time of anyone here, I am pretty sure -- at least their voting age, to be sure) -- I certainly wouldn't be shocked that this is the first Pres younger than Steve!!!

Ditto on the Presidential 12-step program, however... ;-)

Jackie Mason | January 24, 2009
[hidden by author request]

Steve West | January 24, 2009
Yeah, he's only a couple of weeks younger than me, but still...

Amy Austin | January 24, 2009
Heheh... now I guess I'm the one being uncomplimentary to Steve by misunderstanding that you thought he was older! ;-p

And I didn't realize we were only quibbling over a couple of weeks, either... STEVE! (That's just dumb. ;-p)

Steve West | January 24, 2009
It's the beard, I know. I was napping, yeah. And my face fell in a pool of White-Out. Yeah, that's the ticket.

Amy Austin | January 24, 2009
Lol... was it White-Out or crusty drool??? ;-P


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