1. Guessed Lou Ferrigno for Steve Michalik
2. Very nearly guessed Anita Barone for Brittany Snow
3. Spent five days wringing hands over Kirstie Alley goo, until a simple image search reavealed that it was, in fact, Kirstie Alley. Had seen ads for Fat Actress all week, but was looking for someone who became pregnant after getting stone drunk. I guess I took "more than a beer belly" the wrong way.
4. Came very close to guessing Sarah Michelle Gellar for Kirsten Dunst.
5. About to guess that guy who wrote Gods of Vengeance for Jackie Mason.
6. Guessed Aaron Weiss for Jeremy "Passion" Manongdo. Interestingly enough, there is another leader of a Christian band by the name of Aaron Weiss, who proclaims that "Jesus is my rabbi."
7. Did not actually think gooed image of Jessica Simpson was really gooed, instead believed it was Simpson caught inflating her head on film.
8. Guessed Tyra Banks for Heidi Klum, despite seeing her on VH1 constantly
9. Nearly failed to guess my own goo from Don't I Know You From Somewhere 3lse
10.And, now for the stupidest one of all......

You have no idea how close I came to guessing Gene Wilder for Johnny Depp.

One Reply to Adrianne's Dumbest Goo Moments

Scott Hardie | October 6, 2006
Ouch. Do you have a #9 as of this hour? :-(

For what it's worth, you're playing quite well for someone in their first round, Adrianne. Keep it up.


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