I'm off to vacation in the Eastern Hinterland, the wondrous first state of Delaware. I have friends there we are visiting and will be staying for the weekend. The only advantage to being there are a few Atlantic beaches and of course, tax-free shopping. Yawn. I'll pay the extra six percent to shop at my local Megamall. Swimming at Cape Henlopen is planned along with a fresh sunburn. A Fourth of July parade to get the initial pre-cook sunburn before the beach and a drunk fest with fisticuffs planned for the local constabulary. I expect being face-down on the lawn in handcuffs again. Ha! Never again. See you guys after the trip with an update.

Edit: Who knew they grew so much corn in Delaware? Cornfields seemed to dominate the scenery during all legs of our trip. The ocean was just a bit chilly but the sun was very warming and made it tolerable. Note to myself: change travel plans to the beach from early July to late August. The beach at Cape Henlopen was what I expected which meant good. No boardwalk like the nearby commercial beaches, Dewey, Rehoboth and Bethany (Henlopen is a State Park) but fewer people. The beach was in respectable condition and the bathhouse not overcrowded. A Fourth of July fireworks show and an unscheduled stop at a local carnival made a very fun trip for the girls. Memories of them on the roller coaster will last for me.

Two Replies to Beware Of Delaware

Scott Hardie | July 4, 2009
"Or, imagine, being able to be magically whisked away to-- Delaware... 'Hi. I'm in Delaware.'"

Have a great trip! Looking forward to updates when you're back.

Jackie Mason | July 5, 2009
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