I remember back in the early '70's, my brother and I got new G.I. Joes for Christmas. They were pretty cool with the kung fu grip and "real-life hair and beard". I understood in my childish way that these guys were heroes. Nowadays, action figures are made with anyone's likeness on a custom basis, if you want. This site cracked me up. I suppose because they're in the public domain their permission is not required, but would they have approved anyway? Conservative I may be, but no, I'm not ordering any.

Eleven Replies to Action Hero?

Amy Austin | September 13, 2008
Yeah, more news over dinner that made me want to upchuck norris my meal...

Steve West | September 13, 2008
Smile a little... C'mon, Eliot Spitzer? John Edwards? Hilarious.

Amy Austin | September 14, 2008
Okay, I wanted to upchuckle norris my meal... is that better? ;-)

Steve West | September 14, 2008
Much better, thank you.

Tony Peters | September 14, 2008
hey I like the Schoolgirl Palin

Aaron Shurtleff | September 14, 2008
This is a quick test to see who watches really bad movies...

The Super Hero Sarah Palin action figure reminds me of the movie Grandma's Boy.

And, not to sound old, but...why were schoolgirls never slutty lookinglike that when I was in school? Totally unfair.

Tony Peters | September 14, 2008
you obviously never went to Catholic school.....

Steve West | September 14, 2008
Oh, yes. Those of us who did still have a thing for plaid.

Aaron Shurtleff | September 15, 2008
Oh, I did.

And, no, they weren't slutty like that.

Tony Peters | September 15, 2008
the ones at my school sure were...Like steve I still have a thing for Blackwatch plaid...of course 3 years in Japan didn't hurt either

Lori Lancaster | September 15, 2008
[hidden by author request]

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