Scott mentioned having 5 boxes of cereal - that is nothing, I just did a quick count at home and we have at least 25! Some extras might be lurking in other rooms of the house! It's quite unbelievable really. Lately the grocery stores just keep throwing really good cereal specials at us and it usually requires buying multiple boxes. I am going to have to resist the temptation from now on.

I don't even put milk on my cereal, because I am nutty, and I usually prefer a specific type of cereal (targeted at adults, but sweet anyhow). Darrell prefers the kiddie cereals.

One Reply to Cereal

Scott Hardie | June 19, 2007
Fine! You get the #1 userrank in cereal! Are you happy?! :-D

At least you have variety. Nothing wrong with 25 boxes. I wish I had 25 boxes.

I am bothered that most places around here don't sell Count Chocula. I have to go out of my way for it.

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