So many actors are on their best behaviour come Oscar time because they don't want anything to interfere with their chances to win in this rare opportunity. The rarest of opportunities occurs this year for Mickey Rourke who is not exactly on a first name basis with Oscar nominations. And may never be there again. Who knows? But the Mickster once again displays that he is nothing but class.

Nine Replies to For Your Consideration...

Aaron Shurtleff | February 16, 2009
Hey! Sometimes you just gotta scratch that itch...

Aaron Shurtleff | February 16, 2009
The boys need adjustment...

Aaron Shurtleff | February 16, 2009
You need to air your grievances...

Steve West | February 16, 2009
Stir the potatoes.
Shake hands with a friend.
Play the organ solo while conducting the band.

Tony Peters | February 17, 2009
why did I follow that link?????????

Aaron Shurtleff | February 17, 2009
Oh, that's foul! :D

Steve West | February 17, 2009
Airing his dirty laundry...

Aaron Shurtleff | February 18, 2009
Maybe in Amy's link he was auditioning for Waiting 3...

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