Matthew Preston won this round on May 11, 1998. There were 12 goos.

Players this round: Matthew Preston (11 goos solved), Jason Peter Fedorow (9 goos solved), Dave Kilstein (5 goos solved), Edward Tegge (5 goos solved), Kelly Lee (5 goos solved), Chris Hornish (4 goos solved), Ryan Orsucci (4 goos solved), Denise Sawicki (2 goos solved), Erik Nelson (2 goos solved), David Mitzman (1 goo solved), Matt Roberts (1 goo solved), and Robbie Huggins (1 goo solved).

LL Cool J

This performer does coke and listens to his momma. Go »

Nancy Kerrigan

I'm not the first person to try to rearrange this icy athlete's anatomy. Go »

Eleanor Roosevelt

This Clinton advisor shares her last name with two American leaders. Go »

Bill Gates

He's not just a rich nerd. He's super-rich... and a super nerd. Go »

Michelle Pfeiffer

This woman is pfabulous. Meow. Go »

Kurt Cobain

This lithium-loving pisces has a permanent headache. Go »

Princess Diana

I don't care from where in Europe she came. This mononym had no blubber at all. Go »

Don King

The funny part is, I didn't have to adjust his hair. Who's the king? Go »

Leonardo da Vinci

Being sketchy isn't all this inventor shares with the drowned cheesehead. Go »

Eddie Vedder

This crooner is still alive. (Can I do "any better"?) Go »

Jason Alexander

This Seinfeld semi-regular never rode into Prussia. Go »

Nelson Mandela

Most politicians go from office to jail... Could there be a black president? Go »