Ryan's longest streak is 4 goos.

Ryan has solved goos in 9 categories of the game.

Ryan solved these 18 goos: LL Cool J, Nancy Kerrigan, Bill Gates, Jason Alexander, Mickey Mouse, Shirley Temple, JonBenét Ramsey, Billy Corgan, Mother Teresa, Keanu Reeves, Alfred Hitchcock, Michelle Kwan, King Kong, Brandy Norwood, Bill Clinton, John Elway, Mia Hamm, and Mr. T.

Ryan played in these rounds: Round I (4 goos solved of 12), Round II (2 goos solved of 20), Round III (3 goos solved of 13), Round IV (5 goos solved of 11), Round V (3 goos solved of 18), and Round VIII (1 goos solved of 9).