Matthew Preston won this round on March 24, 1999. There were 13 goos.

Players this round: Matthew Preston (11 goos solved), Aaron Fischer (9 goos solved), Kelly Lee (9 goos solved), Jason Peter Fedorow (6 goos solved), Karrie Mazurkiewicz (5 goos solved), Lori Lancaster (4 goos solved), Ryan Orsucci (3 goos solved), Edward Tegge (2 goos solved), Effie Schaver (1 goo solved), and Erik Nelson (1 goo solved).

JonBenét Ramsey

That little John girl looks good in death... I mean, a dress. Go »

Fiona Apple

Fruit this young is almost criminal. Go »

Imelda Marcos

Island-hopping in this widow's shoes would be easy. She's got thousands of pairs. Go »

Samuel L. Jackson

There's no negotiating it. He hopes they burn in hell! Go »

Yo-Yo Ma

It's up and down with this cellist, Mom! Go »

Martin Luther King Jr.

His dream didn't die with him. Who's the king? Go »

Jesse Ventura

The body is now the head... of state. Go »

Rebecca Lobo

The wolf of liberty wins gold in hoops. Go »

Whoopi Goldberg

Have you seen this sister act? She's always the center of the show! Go »

Billy Corgan

This zero produced smashing hits once today and twice tonight. Go »

Steve Case

It takes a real nut case to take aim across America. Go »

Mother Teresa

A sister at 18, a nobel in 79. She died at 87. Go »

Steve Austin

He's plenty cold, but 316 is not his IQ. Go »