publication date: Tuesday, January 11, 2005 (part of Round XXIV)

category: Government

clue: Does being a maverick mean always having to remind people that you really truly are a Republican, honest?

explanation: McCain was a Republican senator who took so many traditionally liberal stances and made friends with so many Democratic politicians that he found himself needing to reassert his party affiliation on a regular basis. more…

solved by: Matthew Preston, Denise Sawicki, Steve Dunn, Erik Bates, Amy Austin, Mike Eberhart, Dave Mitzman, Elliot Farney, Scott Horowitz, Megan Baxter, Aaron Fischer, Mihai Rusu, Jackie Mason, Todd Brotsch, E. M., Christine Marie Doiron, Anna Gregoline, Anthony Lewis, Lori S., Marc Kelley, Alexei Nikolaevich, and Stephen Ito

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