Alexei's longest streak is 5 goos.

Alexei has solved goos in 9 categories of the game.

Alexei solved these 19 goos: Marcel Marceau, Avril Lavigne, John McCain, Ashley Judd, Eva Perón, Joan Baez, Heather O'Rourke, Bob Vila, Kylie Minogue, Michael Moore, Bruce Willis, Ruth Westheimer, Béla Fleck, Anna Ayala, Regis Philbin, Salma Hayek, Bob Woodward, MC Hammer, and Billy Blanks.

Alexei played in these seasons: Round XXIV (6 goos solved of 113) and Round XXV (13 goos solved of 105).

We have a winner!

The Fall 2020 season is over, and the winner is...