This celebrity goo was created by player D. R..
Scott Hardie provided the source image, gooed image, category, and difficulty, wrote the clue, and wrote the explanation.

publication date: Monday, July 15, 2002 (part of Round XVII)

category: Art

clue: I put up the goo for this flux-uating Korean artist a month late.

explanation: Paik was one of the most famous artists in the Fluxus group ("flux-uating"). He was born in South Korea. The "month late" part of the clue refers to the month of June (his middle name), since this goo went online in July. more…

solved by: Matthew Preston, Denise Sawicki, Mike Eberhart, Dave Mitzman, Aaron Fischer, Kelly Lee, Kelly Stokes, and Andy Hubbartt

trivia: Five players guessed Peter Chung, a Korean artist who created the animated series "├ćon Flux." Other guesses included Jaeseok Jeong, Dream Come True Music Group, Kirosawa, Su-Jakin, and Dongchun Yoon.

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