Aaron Fischer won this round on September 21, 2002. There were 28 goos.

Players this round: Aaron Fischer (25 goos solved), Kelly Stokes (24 goos solved), Andy Hubbartt (23 goos solved), David Mitzman (22 goos solved), Mike Eberhart (22 goos solved), Denise Sawicki (21 goos solved), Matthew Preston (21 goos solved), Chris Mead (13 goos solved), Kelly Lee (13 goos solved), Lori Lancaster (13 goos solved), Edward Tegge (10 goos solved), Dan Donovan (9 goos solved), Jackie Mason (9 goos solved), Matt Babula (6 goos solved), Anna Gregoline (5 goos solved), Amir H. Sufyani (4 goos solved), Jeff Flom (4 goos solved), Christine Marie Doiron (3 goos solved), Jadie DeWitt (2 goos solved), K. R. (2 goos solved), Christopher Weber (1 goo solved), Daniel Stassen (1 goo solved), Erik Bates (1 goo solved), Jacinda Thomas (1 goo solved), Jeanne Cain (1 goo solved), and Joshelin Sweezey (1 goo solved).

Jackson Pollock

Ed Harris gave a spotty performance. Funny, he didn't seem Polish. Go »

Ernest Borgnine

That Borg, Seven of Nine, couldn't fly a lupus through a naval halestorm. Go »

Priscilla Presley

This prissy ex-queen carried a naked gun. Go »

Hugh Hefner

A mansion, a bathrobe, and a pipe are the trademarks of this salesman of smut. Go »

Coretta Scott King

She continued pursuing her husband's dream. Who's the king? Go »

Eric Bloom

This blossoming leader told us not to be afraid of death and that there is a way to climb into the heavens. Go »

Brad Pitt

He's been an Irish terrorist, a French vampire, a German mountaineer, a British boxer, and an American soap manufacturer. Go »

Anne Frank

Frankly, I never thought a little girl's diary would provide such a glimpse of pure evil. Hide! Go »

John Deere

I wonder if this green-and-yellow-loving tractor magnate ever got a Dear John letter. Go »

Scott O'Grady

This Falcon had a hard landing in Bosnia. Go »

Nicole Kidman

The other day, I shut away a calm, red-haired girl forever, to die. Go »

George Orwell

Big Brother found out that some days in Burma are more equal than others. Go »

Marco Polo

Whose idea was it to remember the great merchant land-traveler in a water-based game? Go »

Nam June Paik

I put up the goo for this flux-uating Korean artist a month late. Go »

Rosa Parks

When she parks her butt on a bus, it stays on the bus, in Montgomery or otherwise. Go »

Christa McAuliffe

Traveling all over Florida was a blast for this doomed schoolteacher. Go »

George Lucas

He gave us lightsabers, the Force, and Indiana Jones; we gave him three billion dollars. Go »

Patsy Cline

Her cheatin' heart fell to pieces after midnight. Sweet dreams. Go »

Douglas Adams

This author of travel guides revealed the answer to his own goo... 42? Go »

Alan Greenspan

The span of his economic control might make you green with envy. Go »

Martina Hingis

Named for Navratilova, this arrogant Czech was the youngest female #1 in the world. Go »

Meg Whitman

Would you bid $40 for a share in her company in one week, or Buy It Now for $60? Go »

John Romero

It's fair to say that this heretic was the first person-shooter. Go »

Sidney Lanier

Tiger-lilies in Chattahoochee? He was just makin' it up. Go »


He's too jaded to stop being a tribesman. Go »

Jared Fogle

Why should we be subjected to his way of life? He's a turkey. Go »

Scott Fahlman

This mellon-head taught the world how to smile. Go »

Halle Berry

Gimme your best guess, fool. Go »