We were having dinner with my nephew the other night and the conversation steered toward his numerous relationships.

He replied with that standard chauvinistic response, "Why buy the cow when you can get the milk for free?"

My wife looked at him directly and retorted, "Yeah, why buy the whole pig for just a little sausage?"

My nephew stammered, "Exactly! I agree. Wait a minute..."

That's my girl.

Six Replies to I'll Have The Misogyny Au Gratin, Please

Amy Austin | April 16, 2008
Tell your wife to keep 'em coming, Steve -- I could use some good old-fashioned... misandry???

Ha... well, whatever it's called, that was definitely a good one. ;-)

Anna Gregoline | April 16, 2008
Fucking brilliant. Touche indeed.

Lori Lancaster | April 16, 2008
[hidden by author request]

Tony Peters | April 16, 2008
that was very funny

Aaron Shurtleff | April 17, 2008
Sweet! :) I mean, obviously if she married you, she had to have a sense of humor, but a quick wit too? ;)

I kid, of course. I like the new photo, by the way. Makes you look wise and contemplative! :)

Steve West | April 17, 2008
Ha! Deceiving looks and all that...

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