Matthew Preston won this round on December 20, 1999. There were 16 goos.

Players this round: Aaron Fischer (8 goos solved), Kelly Lee (8 goos solved), Matthew Preston (8 goos solved), Effie Schaver (5 goos solved), Jason Peter Fedorow (5 goos solved), Lori Lancaster (4 goos solved), Chris Prete (1 goo solved), Denise Sawicki (1 goo solved), Edward Tegge (1 goo solved), and Jennifer Youngedyke (1 goo solved).

Albert Einstein

Not even an atom bomb could undo the relativity of this genius's work. Go »

Jane Fonda

This Atlanta woman used a-fond workout to turn her career around. Go »

Roger Ebert

The fat guy, now thumbing without the bald guy. Go »

Laurence Fishburne

There's something fishy about this hoodlum 'n the hood. Go »

Barbara Walters

There's something Special about this interviewer with a 20/20 View. Go »

William Shakespeare

More liketh poems were his lov'ed plays. Go »

Dexter Holland

Is Americana an offspring of Holland? Go »

B.B. King

Too bad Lucille's got the blues. Who's the king? Go »

Catherine Zeta-Jones

Beauty this haunting must be some kind of entrapment. Go »

Natalie Imbruglia

I'm torn... Is she a singer or an Australian soap star? Go »


In his Sopwith Camel, he redefines the term dogfighter. Go »

Jimmy Carter

It's hard to smile so much for peanuts. Go »

Michael Crichton

In the Congo, this guy has a Sphere-ical Timeline. Go »

Elizabeth Dole

She gets red and cross when you mention her husband's Viagra. Go »

Tyra Banks

You can tire-a model by casting her as Will Smith's girlfriend. Go »

Tony Hawk

The patron saint of skateboarding soars like a hawk. Go »