publication date: Sunday, November 7, 2004 (part of Round XXIV)

category: Television

clue: Does this zoo director and TV star exploit animals for his own fame?

explanation: Hanna made frequent media appearances as an animal expert, but was also the subject of frequent allegations from PETA and other animal-rights groups of mishandling and exploiting animals. more…

solved by: Steve West, Matthew Preston, Denise Sawicki, Steve Dunn, Mike Eberhart, Dave Mitzman, Elliot Farney, Scott Horowitz, Megan Baxter, Lori Lancaster, Aaron Fischer, Todd Brotsch, E. M., Christine Marie Doiron, Anna Gregoline, Nadine Russell, Anthony Lewis, Phyllis Persun, Brad Htnck, John Pierpoint, Elizabeth Chesher, Deirdre DeLay, Darynn Malloy, Jody McDermott, and Patti Smith

player landmarks: This was the first goo solved by Patti Smith. This was the last goo solved by Darynn Malloy.

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