Anna Gregoline won this round on February 19, 2001. There were 12 goos.

Players this round: David Mitzman (12 goos solved, a perfect score), Denise Sawicki (12 goos solved, a perfect score), Aaron Fischer (11 goos solved), Anna Gregoline (10 goos solved), Dave Craig (8 goos solved), Matthew Preston (7 goos solved), Edward Tegge (5 goos solved), Kelly Lee (5 goos solved), Mike Eberhart (4 goos solved), Brannan Conrad (3 goos solved), Kevin Fiore (1 goo solved), and Lori Lancaster (1 goo solved).

Carlos Santana

I used the 'smooth' tool when making this spiritual guitarist's goo. Go »

Richard Hatch

This sole survivor won a bigger prize than I could ever give out. Go »

Hallie Kate Eisenberg

This girl leads me to experience the depression of cola. Go »

Michael Jordan

Now that he's retired, the air above basketball courts is safe again. Go »

Geri Halliwell

This gingerly performer seems to have lost her... zest. Go »

Ben Kingsley

Gandhi wore sneakers. Who's the king? Go »

Yoko Ono

For twenty years and one month, she has kept on Imagining that peace is given a chance. Go »

Ernest Hemingway

I don't know about the sea, but for the old man, the sun also rises. Go »

Ray Lewis

Anyone who can guess this alleged murder conspirator is a goo MVP. Go »

Erin Brockovich

This single mother became famous for getting the 'goo' out of California's water. Go »

Colin Powell

State still gets a lot of phone calls. His name is pronounced :. Go »

Maya Angelou

My-a, what a lovely caged bird this angel makes. Go »