Matthew Preston won this round on August 19, 1999. There were 18 goos.

Players this round: Matthew Preston (15 goos solved), Jason Peter Fedorow (7 goos solved), Kelly Lee (4 goos solved), Ryan Orsucci (3 goos solved), Effie Schaver (2 goos solved), Jennifer Youngedyke (2 goos solved), Aaron Fischer (1 goo solved), Andrea Baylis (1 goo solved), and Lori Lancaster (1 goo solved).

Bill Clinton

That commander-in-chief, he's a do-nothing draft dodger. Go »

James Horner

It takes a courageous heart of thunder to be so horny about Titanic. Go »

Stanley Kubrick

2001 orange clocks work with their wide eyes shut. Go »

John Elway

The only way to throw a football in Denver is the El. Go »

Esther Rolle

I'd have good times moving to Florida if I could just rolle there. Go »

Augusto Pinochet

I once tried chili in August. Go »

Marv Albert

Yes! This man offers biting basketball commentary. Go »

Lenny Kravitz

You can only fly away if you're gonna go his way. Go »

Janet Reno

The ugliest general anything in Nevada. Go »

Rodney King

Talk about taking an LAPD rod to the knee. Who's the king? Go »

Mario Puzo

This 'family' man had super bros. and III godfathers. Go »

John F. Kennedy Jr.

Sons of presidents should avoid Gay Head, George. Go »

Jon Stewart

Being the host of a news Show has its Daily advantages, Mr. J.S. Mills. Go »

Mike Tyson

Lend him your ear and he'll show you his Punch-Out!! Go »

Barry Sanders

You'd better start running back to Detroit if you're going to retire. Go »

Mia Hamm

I've got to get me a ham. Go »

Chelsea Clinton

The only-child daughter of a lawyer and a liar. Go »

Betty Crocker

That lady with the red spoon cooks in a crock-pot. Go »