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Anna Pavlova

This Russian achieved her dream of being one of the greatest ballet dancers through dogged determination. Go »


This freakily talented dancer gets paid enough to have his ride pimped in the UK. Go »

Cheryl Burke

Can one become a star by osmosis? Go »

Chubby Checker

You could say that he is one twisted individual. Go »

David Elsewhere

If you think you know this pop star, you must have someone else in mind. Go »

Derek Hough

Stars throw a huff if they can't dance with this six-time winner. Go »

Emilie Livingston

Mrs. Goldblum, I presume? Go »

Frank McAlary

if you win this season, celebrate like he did Go »

Fred Astaire

This carefree daddy long legs flew down to Rio to stay at a Holiday Inn for a royal wedding, put a top hat on his funny face, followed a fleet to an Easter parade, and asked a damsel in distress three little words: Shall we dance? Go »

Gillian Murphy

One of the current principal stars of the American Ballet Theatre was technically born in England. Go »

Ginger Rogers

One of Hollywood's most celebrated dancers did everything her partner did, but backwards in high heels. Go »

Isadora Duncan

This American dancer in Paris never learned not to stick her neck out. Go »

Jess King

So she thought she could dance, but she spun it into a career on a bike. Who's the king? Go »

JoJo Siwa

She appeared in three different dancing reality shows: One with Abby, one with her mom, and one with the first same-sex partner. Go »

Julianne Hough

This star dancer showed off her American talent in remakes about loose-footed greasers. Go »

Mark Ballas

Pop a cork for this dancer with two mirror balls. Go »

Matthew Bourne

One of his best-known shows is set in a swank bar. Go »

Michael Flatley

His Irish heritage strongly influenced his river-based dance show. Go »

Mikhail Baryshnikov

This Oscar-nominated dancer made it from Russia to New York by way of Canada. Go »

Misty Copeland

The first African-American ballerina in her theater company was also the first to point out that a centuries-old Russian ballet should no longer feature blackface. Go »

Paula Abdul

When I try to explain how a dancer and choreographer is qualified to judge aspiring singers, I usually come up short. Go »

Savion Glover

Broadway gained both the noise and the funk thanks to this tap dancer. Go »

Twyla Tharp

Have you ever watched ballet and thought, this could use more Beach Boys? So has she. Go »

Vaslav Nijinsky

Cited as the greatest male dancer of the early 20th century, he spent time interred during WWI and was in and out of mental institutions for thirty years. Go »